Afternoons at Little Sparrows


 Little Learners

Little Learners is our NEW afternoon enrichment program available to all currently enrolled 3s. This program is designed to enhance their developing academic skills and build upon the curriculum and concepts learned in the morning. These afternoons offer challenging, exciting, and out of the box learning experiences!

Some of the topics include: Letter Engineers; Reading Rocket Stars; Mind Matters; Vicarious Vocab; Alphabet Chefs; Artist A to Z

 Some of the skills your child will gain are: communication; confidence; problem solving; literacy; reading readiness

Consider giving your child the advantage of staying for the Little Learners Program. It gives them the opportunity to have lunch with their friends, socialize with children outside their morning classes, learn about new and exciting topics, and develop a love of learning!

 The hours are from 12:00 – 2:45 pm.





Program existence depends upon enrollment.


 Super Scholars

Super Scholars is our NEW Kindergarten Readiness program focusing on developing the four year olds emerging knowledge of letters and numbers through a hands on curriculum using literature, games, science experiments, and educational enrichment activities. This afternoon program is available to all currently enrolled 4s only.

While our morning program does get the children ready for kindergarten, the Super Scholars program will teach your child important life skills such as problem solving, reasoning, communication, and team work!. The NYS standards for Kindergarten will be covered on a pre-school, age appropriate level.

 The program is designed for children to be able to learn at higher levels and use language to think through subjects and develop a greater understanding of concepts. Activities are varied, challenging, and engaging to keep children interested and to enhance a "love of learning" attitude.

Super Scholars gives your child the advantage of engaging in meaningful literacy experiences that will help them learn how to think, build math and science skills and help them get ready for success in school! 


The hours are from 12:00 – 2:45 pm.



Program existence depends upon enrollment.


Please contact Doreen for more information at (914) 273 9760 or go to our Forms page to print our enrollment form and bring it to school with you!