Our activities and room structure reflect our philosophy. Each room encourages independence and creativity. The children move freely throughout the room during the course of the day. Respect for each other and the environment are always stressed.Preschoolers are usually most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a “hands on” manner. Our teachers believe that and design their classrooms with learning centers at which children can freely choose whether to participate or not and for how long. Young children learn best when teachers build on interests and abilities of the children. This reflects the currently recognized theory which endorses non-pressured, child-centered activities guided by an adult with a child development base. Children learn best through play and positive experiences.

Curriculum goals

By the time your child leaves Little Sparrows he/she will have had significant experience in the following curriculum areas:

Literacy (pre-reading/reading readiness)   Language development     Math         WritingScience          Social Studies   Social skills        Self -help Skills    Physical skills          Creative arts